Learn Everything I Know About Posing And Photography in 7 Days


The Posing And Photography Course is an intensive training for you to learn all of my secrets (that I use on my social media) for posing and photography.  You will also learn my fashion, mindset-programing and photo/video editing methods.

I get 5 times as many matches on dating apps since I changed my fashion game and your poses, so really helping us guys out”
-Kamlesh Patel
I just wanted to say you are a big inspiration. I love all the photography and poses that you teach. Please keep them coming and continued success to you. A follower from Maryland, USA.
-Les Lewis
I truly believe that God is rising you up to be an inspiration to many teenagers and young adult men to dress classy again. God bless you. I am looking forward for more of your videos.
-Renata Torres

What You'll Learn In This Course

In Depth Posing Module

  • Posing tips for Men, Women, Couples and Groups that I have never revealed before.
  • How to take photos for Social media and Dating apps to 10x your matches.
  • How to pose if you are Plus Size.
  • How to take great Selfies.
  • Fashion tips and much more...

Photography and Editing

  • How to take professional pictures by yourself if you don't have access to a photographer.
  • Step by step guide on how I edit my photos and videos in photoshop, Lightroom, capcut, VN, and more.
  • Access to my 15  exclusive Lightroom filters and presets.
  • Mobile photography hacks (With any phone).
  • Advice for which equipment to use to get the best photos (all levels and budgets).


  • I will guide you step by step on how I keep my mindset positive and locked on my goals, so that you can achieve anything you're aiming for this year.
  • My secrets for confidence in front of the camera and overcoming self doubt and fear of judgement.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi- I’m Daniel Asante (mr.dasante) and just like you. I was born with Zero posing and photography skills. After 3 years of struggling to get recognition for my work.

I finally gained viral status and grew a following of over 3 million followers across all social media platforms because of the quality of my Poses, Photos and Personality.

Today I’m sharing all my secrets in this program so you can do the same for yourself in gaining confidence and in return get the best possible photos that will make you look photogenic.


Who Is This Course For?

  • This course is tailored to both Men and Women who struggle to pose and have the desire to take quality photos that bring out the best version of themselves. 

If This Is You, You Are Probably Struggling With

  1. Finding your best angles when taking photos so you look photogenic.
  2. Lacking confidence and belief in yourself.
  3. Lacking creativity when posing.
  4. Poses that suit your body type and height.
  5. How to edit your photos and videos.
  6. Type of poses and photos to take depending on the scenario (couple poses, poses by yourself, profile photo for dating apps, group photos with friends, etc.).
  7. Lacking ideas on how to dress for photoshoots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The posing and photography course for people like me who are shy in front of the camera?

Yes this course is specifically designed to increase the confidence of men and women when they pose and take photos in front of the camera. This course will give you a step by step guide on how to do this starting with mindset because it always starts with having the right mentality first.

Mr.dasante gives a LOT in his free videos. How will this be different?

You’re right…. Mr. Dasante does believe in sharing a LOT in his videos and posts. BUT those are only a tiny slice of the strategies he shares inside this course. Stay tuned :)

Does this course also give tips on how to grow on social media? 

Yes because in order to grow on social media you need the quality product first. A lot of people focus on growing but neglect the necessary tools they need in order to grow. Mr.dasante in this course gives an in depth analysis on how you can take better photos because the better your photos the more likely you will grow because of the quality.

I don’t care about social media? So why should I buy this course.

This course is not just for people who want to post on social media. This course is also for ordinary men and women who desire to look better in photos while posing for family gatherings, outings with friends or even taking photos of themselves.

How soon will I see results and does mr.dasante take accountability?

Patience is key and you shall see results when you start applying these in-depth strategies. A lot of good things take time and practice but with persistence you will get there. Mr.dasante path to social media stardom in the world of fashion and photography took a while to develop but he got there, he really got there. 

I have more questions and would like to speak to Mr. Dasante. Can I email him? 

Of course! Mr.dasante would love to connect with you because the aim of this course is to transform your pose and photos to a whole another level. Your results is what matters! Once you have enrolled into the course you will have direct contact with Mr. Dasante for further questions.


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